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Customers can join the scheme by just filling out a register form and paying the 1st installment online. Once you join the scheme, you have to make monthly payments from any online medium..

No. We accept only one installment a month. If you have missed a payment, your scheme plan will defer by the months of payment you have missed.

No problem, your savings plan will still be active. You can redeem the savings plan once you have completed 15 installments.

You can buy any varieties of Gold jewellery, Diamond jewellery, Platinum jewellery, Silver articles and Gemstones.

We have only BIS Hallmarked Jewellery in our store.

Yes. You can buy jewellery exceeding your accumulated amount by paying the difference amount.

Yes. It is applicable as usual as you buy jewels by paying cash, because you will be benefited with a fixed bonus. Which is more beneficial to our customers.

The 15th of every month is the last date for online transfer.

Customers are requested to bring the passbook once every 3-6 months to the store, and get it updated. You can call our customer care team for further inquiries.

Customers are requested to retain the e-receipts of their online payments, and produce it to the store @ the time of redeeming the jewels or updating the passbook.

Not necessary. After completion you can redeem your savings plan whenever you wish.

Lucky draw is conducted on 25th of every month at 4pm for Early Bird Prizes at the store.

Special Lucky Draw will be conducted on the 24th of given month at 4pm in the store.

Bumper Lucky draw will be conducted on 3rd/4th/5th Sunday of the December month, date, time and venue will be notified in prior.

As it is an accumulated scheme, rates(gold,silver and platinum) will be calculated on the prevailing day’s rate only.

No, you are not eligible to buy any kind of coins or bullion in the scheme, as it’s meant only for marketing of our jewellery products only.

For any queries related to your scheme you can always feel free to contact us at

Email: [email protected]

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