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Terms and Conditions & Refund Policy

  1. Advances will be calculated @15% per annual as fixed bonus.
  2. Premature withdrawal from the plan before the completion of the plan will not be entitled for any benefits under the plan. Amount paid till that date can be offset with purchase of jewellery.
  3. As per KYC norms copy of Aadhaar card and PAN Card (pan required if cash purchase exceeds above ₹200000/-) is compulsory.
  4. First minimum advance payment is ₹1000/- and next onwards it can be for any amount in multiples of ₹100/-.
  5. Accumulated advances can be redeemed in the form of gold, silver, platinum, diamond and gem stones only.
  6. Wastage, making charges, stone charges, gst and any other charges is applicable.
  7. We do not speculate rates, prevailing days gold/silver/platinum rates will be calculated for your advances.
  8. You are eligible to buy 22kt bis certified jewellery or coins only for your advances.
  9. No refunds will be initiated in any circumstances.
  10. Vardhaman advance purchase plan cannot be transferred to any offers, schemes, discounts or any other kind of payments.
  11. This advance plan is modifiable depending upon the situation, natural calamities and changes as per government norms.
  12. Ramlal Mohanlal jewellers is not liable for any losses or liability.
  13. All rights reserve to Ramlal Mohanlal jewellers only.
  14. Any dispute is subject to Bangalore city jurisdictions only.

Privacy Policy

When you sign up with us, we appreciate your trust in us. Privacy of your personal information is taken very seriously and we keep your information, any other records completely private. We follow a very strict privacy policy as follows:

  1. No Sharing of Information we will never give out your email address or any other details: We do not include you in any mailing lists without your explicit consent. You will never receive spam mail because of us.
  2. We will never sell your information to any third parties.
  3. We will never mail you unwanted information.
  4. We will not send you e-mails without your consent We will never disturb you with e-mails soliciting repeat business if you do not want so.
  5. We will maintain the security of our systems and information. Your information is safe with us and even our employees cannot access it unless it is needed to service you.
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